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At 8:30 am on June 30, 2020, this year's annual fire training and drill started with the sound of the fire alarm bell. When hearing the fire alarm ring, all departments should organize the Department staff to evacuate in an organized way. The evacuation staff should be arranged to the flower bed in front of the office building of the company and ro..
On August 20, director deng damu of fuzhou Taiwan affairs office and leaders of fuqing Taiwan affairs office came to our company to guide our work
The leader of our company is concerned about the health problems of employees, and on July 24, 2018, arrange the organization of free medical examination for employees
The weather will be fine on June 16, 2018. Our company will organize summer outing for outstanding employees of our company
Joy accompanied by sweat, success accompanied by hardship, regret inspired struggle, in January 26th 2018 we gathered together to celebrate the tail teeth. Full of joy and excitement, here to welcome the hope and dream of 2018, accompanied by Chairman Yang and Li's speech 2017 Fuqing Sanzhao Electronics Co., Ltd. Tail teeth dinner began
The firecrackers sound pleasant, warm heart bursts of blessing. The money is rolling in and the money is flowing. Cheers and laughter can not be spread for a long time. Life is great, the opening time is great! In the colorful fireworks and cheerful music, the new year is coming to us. The occasion of the Chinese new year, we always have mixed feel..
In order to further strengthen fire safety education of staff, improve the ability of fire prevention and control and emergency strain capacity, learn the proper use of fire extinguishers and fire equipment, equipment, facilities, etc
After the Spring Festival of 2015 Division I caught a large number of migrant workers return opportunities to participate in the relevant departments will organize the recruitment
2015 New Year new atmosphere, our company by the provincial leadership and attention to television, praised our contribution to the development and employment of fujian province and made a model for high-tech enterprise, our company leadership also said it would continue to work hard to support the development of local, make its own contribution to..
Cheers and spring flowers smiling, firecrackers, in such a festive holiday, we bid farewell to 2014, in the hope of 2015, anyway, we will try to meet new opportunities and challenges, to thank all the love and support, to own sincerity and efforts, to the existing achievements and scholarship.Review work in recent years, faced with intense market c..
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