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"Employees first"

Others trying to curry favor with the customer, we will focus on the company's employees, do "staff first", as a company boss, on the market concept of nature should be a "customer first", but "outside busy will Ann" first, on the operation and management, must achieve "staff first", because the company's market behavior of the entire process from beginning to end embodies the guiding role of the employee involvement. Under this kind of thought leading, in the first place to inspire employee loyalty and enterprise, we happy for everyone to create a comfortable working environment, and then produce the best results.

"Internal development"

In the aspect of promotion, the company's internal development is given priority to, the principle of external is complementary, within the first opportunity to people, this is to form a development mechanism, so we will work very hard, strive for the early realization of the value to rise.

"Ability is tough"

Ability basically is to see how tough, such as educational background, but not tough in theory, will do some tests, the method is usually a team to play, like file box, like some team games and so on, through these activities on the one hand, to watch his performance, on the other hand is to look at his personality. Some people may not communicate with you in this process, the outside, such people are often not fit in.